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Fit Bunny Jill Interview Mr. Olympia 2015

In this interview at Mr. Olympia 2015 , Fit Bunny Jill shares her story how fitness saved her life.  She overcame an eating disorder and a divorce at the same time.  She transformed her body from 95 pounds and became a National Champion. Jill found her inner strength through competing.  She is a true inspiration and athlete.  Jill continues to  inspire and help women find their inner strength and power too!

I compete in the NPC… It is my meditation, my medicine, my passion & how I release stress

Congratulations to my beautiful friend Anya Zaya & all the competitors this past weekend who pushed themselves to greatness at John Lindsay’s NPC California State Championships Show. Anya  took 2nd place & had the best attitude about her placing.  She stayed in a place of gratitude knowing she came in at her best.  I was shocked because I  thought she was going to win 1st place and she took home 2nd.  I experienced some emotional  for me as well it brought up emotions in me from competing in the NPC for years, always thinking I’m at my best and still not earning my Pro Card..  The best advise I can give you is remember that The placing is not always in your control but they way we feel & celebrate it is. So instead of letting the mind take us on a negative roller coaster of  thoughts like: why you didn’t get first place, what team you should be on, how your legs where to big or your hair and makeup were off, focus on all the positive accomplishments you achieved to get on stage to shine your light and the new friends you met along the way.


              Chris Comier “the real deal” , Anya Zaya, John Lindsay & Michelle Tarajcak


This was a great reminder of why I compete in the NPC bikini competitions .  I Compete because it bring me to higher levels in all areas of my life. I  compete because I LOVE to workout.  It is my meditation, my medicine, my passion & one of the ways I release stress.   If I get my pro card one day that will be so cool. Until then,  I will continue to teach & inspire others to connect with their highest self by living a healthy life and working out in ways they love. .   I really had to remind myself that this is my hobby, not my life!  The only competition is myself.  I will stay in a place of gratitude & joy  reminding myself of all my accomplishments in all areas of my life when I feel good in my skin and truly LOVE my body.



Transform your body with me for the next 7 weeks as I continue to change my body the healthiest way possible.  I am in the ZONE again training to step back on stage at the John Lindsay’s LA Championship July 19th 2014  take home first place & overall as I did last year. ( all the behind the scenes video’s are up on my membership website)

I challenge you to start your new fitness lifestyle today, Let’s change together. You don’t have to do a competition you just need to get started to becoming your best self possible.

Make Thank Change Today.    I’ll show you how at

Keep it simple & Positive,


Catalina Island 22 Mile Paddle- 28 mile Run- 22 Mile Paddle in 3 Days

Catalina Paddle
There have been so many exciting things happening lately and I feel it’s high time to start up this blog of mine! A particularly special event is approaching this Saturday that I feel is so important to share with my fans, family and friends.
As most of you already know I have turned my passion into a career as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, but what some of you may not know is that I am an avid paddle boarder!
As a little girl I had always dreamt of moving to the sunny shores of California, where water-based activities are plentiful and easily accessible. After finally moving to the golden state, I gained my bearings and paddle boarding was one of the first water sports to spark my interest. Before I knew it, my friend Jeff Denholm had challenged me to enter a local race. Never being one to turn down a challenge I rented a board the next day and showed up to the race without any prior training. I LOVED being out in the water so much that I decided to get certified – the rest is history!
Now, this is where the special event comes into play. This Saturday me and the Pro SUP Shop crew will be paddle boarding 20 miles, starting from The Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA to Catalina Island. The following day we will participate in the Catalina Marathon. The third and final day, it’s back on our boards to Palos Verdes.
The purpose behind this event is to raise epilepsy and money to help funs programs and research of the UCLA Pediatric Neurology. You can find out more about the cause, and Callie – the little girl who has been the inspiration behind it all by clicking here.
I am honored to be a part of such an amazing cause, and will be sure to keep you updated as things unfold!
Your love and support means the world!
Keep it simple and positive,

5 days out from Jon Lindsay’s LA Championship show July 20th 2013

I’m 5 days out from  Jon Lindsay‘s LA championship show!!! I’m so excited to step back on the NPC stage  for my come back after taking 2 years off of competing. I’ve pushed my body to levels beyond imagination & I’m working with the best people in the fitness industry!!  I’m so grateful for everyone who is  helping me reach my goals.  I’m truly blessed! Thank you Ryan BentsonTaylor Matheny Bentson & Team Zero Gravity Fitness. If you’re in the LA area this Saturday July 20th, 2013 come support all of us athletes. I believe you’re only as successful as the team of people you surround yourself with!