A unique opportunity to work one on one with me.


T.V./Event Host, Modeling & Appearances


One on One

No matter where you are or where you want to go, I can accompany you and we can incorporate yoga, snorkeling, scuba diving, secret trails, paddle boarding, gym workouts, biking, skiing, snowboarding horsemanship, meditation, spiritual rituals,  healing and open adventures. I am skilled and certified in all areas. 

Travel Coach / Private Retreat

I will accompany you anywhere in the world and incorporate the surroundings with rejuvenation techniques of body, mind and spirit being the focal point. Its about dropping all stress and getting into total relaxation and fun. 

 -Trained daily
-Eating local healthy foods 
-Hikes/walks/workouts in natures surroundings.
-Yoga, meditation and rituals
-Massage, pampering and spa activities
 Based on the number of people, the location of the retreat and the individual needs of each guest, I can organize and create an all encompassing experience.

Corporate Wellness

 Motivational speaking at companies and designing techniques for better health and wellness for all workers designated to produce a more successful, balanced and happier work place. 


Skype Consultations & Private Sessions

I offer Skype training & consultations to support, assist & guide you through these programs.

Topics May Include:

   – Getting Started

   – Setting Realistic Goals

   – Overcoming Excuses & Physical Blocks

   – Releasing Emotional Blocks

   – 21 Day Accountability Coaching

 For Bookings & Quotes email: michelle@michelletarajcak.com