Stop yo-yo dieting & choose the best competition coach- Interview with Dr. Layne Norton

It takes a courage to stand up and speak your truth.  This is how you bring power to the people.

I’m so grateful to have  the opportunity to interview Dr. Layne Norton.  I have abused my body  as a test lab and have tried every pill and diet  trick out there.  As I watch his video’s I feel like he was talking to me.  I’m very passionate to share this information with you because it took me 10 years of harsh trial  and error on my  own body to figure this out myself.

Listen to the valuable information he’s sharing. It will make your life much easier. Trust me we laugh about some of these topics now but if I had this info 10 years ago I would of been life changing and I would of followed it 100 percent.

Dr. Layne Norton is  a Bodybuilding/figure/physique coach, Scivation consultant, IFPA & NGA natural pro bodybuilder and Professional Powerlifter. His work and video’s have been featured in many top fitness magazines and websites like

His passion to educate us and speak his truth about healthy dieting and competing has been bringing rapid awareness to the bodybuilding industry’s top coaches and competitors.  In this episode we discuss the importance of picking the right coach for a fitness competition, letting go of the belief that you have to suffer to get the best body, how to avoid yo-yo dieting and binge eating and the secret to long term results: consistency & hard work.

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